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Toyota Avalon

Full-size sedan Toyota Avalon is designed primarily for the American market. the car is also sold in South Korea and some Middle Eastern countries. The fourth generation of "Avalon" is produced since 2012 in the United States in 2015 was restyled model.

Five-meter sedan built on a common platform with the Camry model. It is equipped with a motor V6 3.5 (268 l. C.) Paired with a six-speed "automatic", and the 200-strong hybrid power plant consisting of a four-cylinder gasoline engine of 2.5 liters and electromechanical variator.

The fifth generation of the Toyota Avalon sedan has been produced in the USA since the spring of 2018. This model is sold only in the US market, as well as in some countries in the Middle East.

The Toyota Avalon is a large, front-wheel-drive 4.98 meter long sedan built on the Camry platform. The car is offered with two variants of the front end. Choose the model and get information about Toyota Avalon parts. Here collected data of car parts for up to last Toyota Avalon 2019

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